Goku is shocked there is someone stronger than Top and Belmod but Top explains, like Goku, that person has no intention of becoming a God of Destruction. Vol. In the manga, he participated in the Exhibition Match alongside the other Gods of Destruction, and attacked Beerus along with them, after being saved by Sidra, Belmod kicked him down - noting that Beerus was not the only opponent and they did not have the luxury of assisting each other. Like x 1; Optimistic x 1; List ; trance. After Goku loses to Top, Shin and Beerus wonder what is happening between the two. Belmod became a God of Destruction around 267,974 years before Age 780. Even if Belmod is only physically stronger than Beerus, Jiren is stronger than Belmod, at least by a bit. Superman is nowhere near Belmod's level of power. Then we have UI Goku humiliating that same Jiren and then with his LB form he becomes stronger once more, reason why Goku needed 2 more plot boosts to finally put him Again, this is exclusive for the anime, as it has its own different scaling and such. However, he is speechless along with the other Gods of Destruction after learning Goku obtained Ultra Instinct and lands a series of blows on Jiren. Since then Belmod and the other Gods of Destruction have felt disdain towards Beerus.[2]. You think very very bad then. Belmod, Khai, Marcarita, and Top at the Zeno Expo. When it comes to warriors, Vegeta stands alongside Goku and Frieza as the most powerful in Universe 7. Dragon Ball Super: Broly SSJ2 Kefla and 2nd UI Goku were only approaching the God Tier, just approaching not reaching, it was stated. In the manga, Belmod planned on retiring as God of Destruction, and so was training Top to take his place. There are loads of mortals as well as Gods in Dragon Ball who would like to think that they are stronger than the Man of Steel. During the Tournament of Power, he is one of the few deities that is not worried. After the exhibition matches, Belmod talked with both Khai and Marcarita about the upcoming Tournament of power on his home planet. Hence, he wouldn't be surprised that Universe 11 has such a strong fighter. Jiren in his base is stronger than Belmod. Even the alien warlord Boros, who is strong enough to destroy a planet, failed to get Saitama to use his full strength. But if you consider the Anime to be Canon, then obviously Goku is not stronger than an Hakaishin. Beerus is stronger - we know this because the anime and manga both have different scales for Jiren’s strength, but agree he’s stronger than Belmod at their best. So he knew about him, also Beerus knows against which God he lost the arm wrestling. 4. Belmod is Universe 11's God of Destruction; a universe that is considered to contain one of the strongest mortals. Beerus has got the Destructor Energy which in itself makes him a lot stronger than Superman. However, in the anime adaptation called Dragon Ball Z, many believe that Gohan surpassed his dad in strength as … Anime Debut JulieYBM Namekian Warrior Posts: 13689 Joined: Tue Jan 17, 2006 3:25 am. Hazard, Oct 15, 2019. https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Belmod?oldid=1940125, Vermoud's name seems to come from the alcoholic drink ". Belmod also has somewhat of a boastful personality, as shown by his taunts toward Shin and Beerus when the remaining three Pride Troopers were getting the upper hand against Team Universe 7. He, like the other deities, disliked Goku. this makes zeno multiversal beyond comprehension. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Jiren A mortal stronger than a God of Destruction (Hakaishin) Belmod ,Super #110,English Subs Dragon Ball Super #110 SON GOKU WAKES! VermouthVermutVermoud[1] He later reveals Jiren's life story. While Superman's strength knows no bounds as well, it has to be said that Broly is way above his league. Berrus didn't seem surprised when Whis told Goku about that mortal. Goku is stronger than Beerus.. Belmod does not forgive evil, nor does he abide by it, as he is described as a peaceful god, marking a touch of irony by being a God of Destruction. His stature might mislead a lot of people but if he wants to get rid of someone, he can do it with a click of his fingers. In the manga, at some point in time Belmod participated in the All Universe Hide and Seek Tournament held by Zeno. Goku UI is more powerful, based on feats alone. So he knew about him, also Beerus knows against which God he lost the arm wrestling. A beaten Belmod leaves the Pride Troopers. Goku and Vegeta together couldn't lay a hand on Fusion Zamasu and Zeno himself had to wipe him out of existence. During Goku and Zamasu’s first battle, Goku … Is it Beerus the Destroyer of Universe 7 or Belmod the Destroyer of Universe 11? ... Vados is another angel, who is immortal and stronger than every God of … 1 Goku Isn't Stronger Than Jiren All things considered, Goku isn't stronger than Jiren yet and there are many reasons for that. There are still 9 minutes until the tournament ends. Will come back to this once I get home and can timestamp the anime, but there is at least one instance where another God of Destruction talks about how Jiren's Universe must be the Universe of the Mortal stronger than a God of Destruction; and (I believe during the 2 part Jiren vs Goku fight) Belmod himself makes mention to Jiren being stronger than he is. That is no mean feat as the Gods of Destruction have something called the Destruction Energy that can be used to wipe out universes. No, it's just that Jiren is stronger than Belmod. So that provides a point of reference - sort of. Manga Debut ... MUI is stronger than Jiren and Goku is WAY stronger post ToP, then it’s hard to argue in my opinion that Beerus is stronger than Goku. The anime has the U9 GoD failing to hakai goku or frieza and has whis outright saying belmod is stronger than beerus (which beerus denies) Belmond is the strongest and since Jiren is stronger than him, he is likewise stronger than any GoD. Future Trunks is stronger than Zamasu, Vegito is ALWAYS going to be stronger than Gogeta because the potara results in a stronger fusion than the dance. Before becoming a Destroyer God, Belmod wore the standard Pride Trooper attire. MShadows, Apr 5, 2018. Initially, he sided with the other gods against Beerus but soon took advantage of Sidra dropping his guard to knock him out of the arena, justifying it by noting that the fight is a free-for-all, not just an all the other gods against Beerus. Consequently, it believes that Universe 11’s Belmod might be the one who is stronger than Beerus. ベルモッド Belmod is one of the two Gods of Destruction who was jointly designed by Akira Toriyama and Toyotarō, the other being Heles. Having the body of one of the strongest Saiyans, along with his fighting prowess and evil mind, has cemented him as a force to be reckoned with. MUI is stornger or in the manga equal to Jiren. He can be surprised as shown when he witnessed Goku transforming into Super Saiyan Blue, which is a state that reaches God levels, and when he watched him pressure Top. So what does that mean? Current UI Goku is like 10x stronger so if Beerus is supposedly still stronger then his strength got retconned But that would also mean the rest of the GoDs go up with him, as well as Jiren. Shazam ⚡⚡⚡ Dec 16, 2020 #32 MShadows said: Keep it civil, people. Both Belmod and Khai are then dumbstruck as Goku indeed achieves the complete Ultra Instinct transformation against Jiren. No, they stood up to acknowledge his achievement. Who is the strongest God of Destruction in Dragon Ball Super? 1 Goku Isn't Stronger Than Jiren. Goku still has a long way to go to reach Beerus’s level. 2. Unlike the other Gods of Destruction seen, his vest boarders are gold colored instead of white, a trait only shared with Sidra. NEXT: Top 10 Alternate Versions Of Superman. Belmod inviting Jiren to participate in the Tournament of Power. Well, this may be true. Due to this, both Belmod and Khai are much more confident in their team, the Pride Troopers, and less worried about erasure than the gods of the other universes. [3], In the manga, Toyotarō initially depicted Belmod and Marcarita too much like lovers, however, he was corrected by Toriyama who said that Angels are dispatched by Zeno, so an angel would not be that fond of a God of Destruction.[4]. Jiren is stronger than Belmod. 4 Stronger: Belmod One of the most exciting aspects of Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power is that it puts many of the unseen universe’s Gods of Destructions and Angels on the sidelines. Goku is beyond happy to be able to fight someone stronger than Top, who responds that Goku is strange. Belmod makes a cameo appearance when Goku mentions the Tournament of Power. NEW LEVEL OF THE AWAKENED! Though Belmod plans to retire, he has been in charge of his respective Universe for far less than other Gods of Destruction. Both men return to their respective platforms and Goku is repeatedly hit by Beerus for losing. Prion 1 mo 1 d . Beerus is the most popular God of Destruction. Here, Whis was refering to Jiren being stronger than Belmond. Jiren is strong, physically and especially mentally, but I doubt he's the mortal Whis was talking about.