Its main tasks were to fetch fish and nets from the cold waters of the sea. Breed: Labrador Retriever, DOB: 12/17/2020, Age: 2 weeks old, Sire: Lucky Boy Diesel (SS09904102), Dam: Purple Reign II (SS04376109), Males: 4, Health: Will come dewormed with first set of shots, Description: Have a litter of 8 beautiful English block head Labrador pups. We aim to breed healthy and beautiful Labrador Retrievers with emphasis on Health, Temperament, and Structure. From house to yard or park to field (for hunting), they can be calm, playful or intensely focused on their job. Les labradors, tout comme les golden retrievers, sont souvent considérés comme de parfaits chiens de famille. Lexie likes to run with the boys around the yard all the way until nap time. > Entraîner son chien ou son chiot à la propreté Temperament. Malheureusement, cette qualité tant recherchée dépend de différents facteurs : ➡️Saviez-vous que les labradors se classent au 14ième rang des chiens mordeurs lors des consultations au vétérinaire? His handsome chocolate coat will make you want to pet him all day. Families with small children don’t have to worry. > Rappel : 3 conseils de pro pour le chien qui fugue, Copyright © 2021 | Mentions légales | Donnez votre avis sur ma fiche Google Plus, Colloque Francophone sur le comportement Animal & Canin. Being bulky, there may be a problem of joint dislocation in your dogs. L’ancêtre du Labrador serait le « Chien de St John », une variante plus petite que le Terre-Neuvequi s'est développée au Canada. Get a copy to keep at home. The good news is that Labs are common, so you will have much better luck trying to find a Lab at the shelter than, say, a Shar-Pei. The Labrador retriever has its ancestors in the dogs that worked for fishermen in the Labrador-area in Newfoundland a long time ago. If he starts to mouth your hand, turn his attention to something he will like better, like the Denta-bone. One of the best-known characteristics of this dog’s temperament is his love of food. He will follow a scent until he finds its source, which can encourage him to escape from his yard to continue the hunt. Le labrador retriever est une race de chiens amicaux et intelligents, ce qui explique peut-être pourquoi il est un des chiens favoris au Canada. The Labrador breed is not immune from temperament problems. Some examples are stuffed Kongs or nylon Denta-bones. Sierra Valley Labs has been awarded the Bred with H.E.A.R.T. Labrador temperament problems. Souvent très excité et enjoué, il est important de travailler l’autocontrôle dès le plus jeune âge pour éviter les excès d’excitation qui pourraient se traduire en mordillements intenses ou en bousculades involontaires. That's not because the breed has a lot of behavior problems – they don't – but simply because it's the most popular breed in the United States. The ancestors of this breed first appeared in Canada, but the modern Labrador Retriever developed in England during the 19th century. Adopting a Labrador Retriever puppy should be fairly painless. Nearly every obedience class I've ever taught has included at least one Lab. for a male. Not only that but if you avoid excess weight gain, your Lab can live up to two years longer than if he was overweight. And rightfully so. They must be physically sound and have a typical Labrador Retriever temperament. This site is a good place to start if you’re unsure where to find a list of reputable breeders in your local area. Un excellent chien rapporteur et un grand sportif, il aime aussi être proche de son humain comme chien de service ou d’assistance. The Lab is a strong dog, and he also has a high energy level, so early socialization and obedience training is a must. Officially, there is only one breed but in different coat colors. The healthier her pups, and the happier you are, the more likely she’s about to make a sale that will result in one of her pups getting a warm and loving home. Oftentimes when a family considers getting a dog, they consider a Lab. À cet effet, notre article sur le toilettage canin pourrait vous aider pour cet apprentissage. My experience with Labrador Retriever temperament. Feed him just enough to keep him lean, and he won’t fall victim to obesity-related diseases like arthritis or diabetes. [PSABA] Bien-être animalier & l’impact de nos choix, Culpabilité chez le chien : Verdict d’un mythe tenace, Entraîner son chien ou son chiot à la propreté, Les 3 meilleures recettes de biscuits pour chiens. 11-13 years. Le labrador retriever a tout ce qu’on peut attendre du meilleur ami de l’humain. He also enjoys participating in hunting or canine sports. This can be a bigger problem than aggression in other breeds. Un sous-poil aussi dense veut aussi dire d’importantes mues. While we don’t know exactly when this mixed breed was started, it likely got its start within the past 20-30 years, since hybrids have picked up in popularity within the past couple of decades.

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